Nora Damyanova DMD

Nora Damyanova DMD, is the managing dental practitioner of Noradent dental clinic and an experienced specialist in endodontics and restorative dental treatment with a focus on increased accuracy in diagnostics and treatment via magnification (microscope).

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    About us
    We offer professional care to all our patients through modern dentistry with a personal touch
    We work with passion and great attention to detail to ensure the most seamless and pleasant experience to you - our patients
    Why choose us?
    • Personalised approach
    • Professionalism
    • A modern approach to treatment
    • Flexibility in booking
    • Friendly team

    Patients reviews

    “Extremely good professional, treating each of his patients with care and attention. Dr. Damyanova would not compromise on either the patient’s health or the quality of her work. Proof of this are her desire and diligence to improve and study the latest approaches and methods of treatment in her field. I would fully trust her judgment.”



    33 years old

    “Exceptional professional. As a dentist, I refer most of the complicated cases in my practice to Dr. Damyanova as a specialist. Her work is flawless.”



    31 years old

    “Dr. Damyanova works extremely well and precisely. Professional attitude, friendly team and attention to patients.”



    27 years old

    Our Team

    Nora Damyanova

    Endodontics and Restorative dentistry

    Vasilena Ivanova

    Pediatric dentistry and General dentistry

    Hristina Prosenikova

    Dental assistant
    Why our team?

    We aim to

    ensure accurate and timely diagnosis which is an imperative first step in providing high-quality dental treatment. We always strive towards servicing our patients with utmost attention to detail providing adequate support and dental care.

    We use cutting-edge technology which, in combination with our unrivalled expertise will guarantee that you receive excellent, efficient care that optimizes your oral health.

    The patient experience at Noradent lies at the very heart of everything we do. Our team of highly qualified professionals go above and beyond to create a warm and friendly environment in which our patients, whether children or adults, can receive the very best of dental care. We at Noradent make sure that our patients feel comfortable while maintaining the very highest standards of professionalism, always working to provide valuable service, and making sure that treatments are carried out in time and to the highest degree of quality.

    Our Noradent dental team is fully trained to provide compassionate dental care and keep your well-being and comfort as a priority. Whether you want to achieve perfect oral health or a beautiful smile, we are here to help you accomplish your dental needs.

    How our patients rate us?
    Prophylaxis and prevention 95%
    Restorative dentistry 90%
    Endodontics 91%
    Prosthetics 85%
    Surgery 87%

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    6 Slavyanska st, Sofia, Bulgaria
    +359 899 128 852

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    A studio for modern dental care equipped with modern appliances. Individual approach to each patient accompanied by precise execution of every procedure.