Dr. Nora Damyanova DDM

Dentist - Sofia - Bulgaria

About me

I've graduated Dental Medicine in Medical University - Sofia. During the last year of my study I participated in an internship program in Bordeaux, France.

I have specialized 'Operative Dentistry' and 'Endodontics'.

I am experienced in Micro-endodontics - a method that involves the usage of a microscope (I work with ZEISS OPMI pico) when treating root canals.

Dental services:

First visit consultations & Diagnosis - Routine care & Evaluation - Fillings - Root canals - Gum desease, Crown & Bridges - Oral Hygiene - Teeth whitening - etc.

I am having my own practice in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Personal blog

You can read my articles on my personal blog - Noradent.bg

I have been writing for the last 10 years about my practice, clinical cases, forums I have attended, etc.

Hope you will enjoy it.

Address / Map

6 Slavyanska st, Sofia

Working Hours:
Monday - Friday: from 9 a.m. untill 7 p.m.