Dental treatment in children significantly differs from that in adults. There are many reasons, ranging from anatomical and physiological differences between primary and permanent teeth to characteristics based on age. This necessitates a different approach to procedures and communication with children when it comes to their dental care.

Why is the treatment of primary teeth necessary?

Primary (baby) teeth are essential for the proper development of children’s jaws, and proper nutrition, which is crucial for overall growth and development of the body in children. Teeth during this period are also necessary for proper speech and have an impact on the aesthetic perception of children. Not to mention the problems and trauma that a severely painful tooth in a child’s mouth would cause, it would trouble their ability to eat properly, sleep, and live a quality life. It is highly incorrect to assume that these teeth should not be treated just because they will be replaced after a certain period. Early loss of a baby tooth can lead to serious orthodontic deformities, which, apart from requiring expensive manipulations, would cause significant discomfort for the child like difficulties in eating and speaking, and even pain in the temporomandibular joint and other issues.

Characteristics of pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dental medicine comprises several dental specialities, all focused on the dental treatment needs of young children. It includes:

  • Prevention – plaque cleaning, calculus and stain removal (in some patients), training and motivation in proper tooth brushing.
  • Treatment of cavities – at Noradent, we offer treatment using the latest technologies that allow us to achieve painless results. For restorations (fillings), we use highly aesthetic materials with great durability.
  • Treatment of pulpitis and periapical infections (periodontitis).
  • Treatment of gum diseases (gingivitis).
  • Early orthodontic treatment for deformities – regular check-ups with a pediatric dentist allow timely detection and diagnosis of orthodontic problems in children. These cases can be easily corrected without the need for braces or aligners. At Noradent, we use special silicone orthodontic appliances that not only correct the bite but also eliminate harmful habits that have led to the development of crooked teeth and misaligned bites (thumb or object sucking, mouth breathing, etc.).

How to prepare your child for their first visit to the dentist?

The first dental visit is of utmost importance in shaping the child’s attitude towards future dental treatment. That’s why it’s crucial to take them to a specialist who primarily works with children because the approach is vital! However, besides the role of the dentist, parents also play a significant role in shaping their children’s attitudes towards oral health and hygiene.

Before the child’s first appointment with the dentist, it is advisable to have a conversation with the parents to address any concerns they may have, whether the child has any fears, what the child likes or not, and so on. This way, parents also prepare themselves for their child’s first meeting with the dentist. They become calmer and transmit that calmness to their child.

Parents should not tell their children about their negative experiences or dental scare. On the contrary, they should present a visit to the dental practitioner as enjoyment and fun. And that’s exactly what it can be the children’s dental treatment with the dental team at NoraDent.

Why choose NoraDent for your child’s dental care?

At NoraDent dental studio, a young, energetic, positive, and continuously improving team of dental specialists are at work! We offer a cosy and calm atmosphere according to individual needs and characteristics. Everything we offer at Noradent is performed using innovative and high-qualified materials, techniques, and methods. It is essential for any intervention on children’s teeth to be performed by dentists who primarily work with children to prevent any potential negative behaviour towards dental treatment from the child.

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