Our dental studio offers oral hygiene procedures:

  • teeth cleaning procedures
  • polishing (Airflow)

The teeth cleaning procedure includes the removal of dental plaque and tartar. It is done with a special ultrasound technology through vibrations with different frequencies. This dental procedure is very important for the teeth and gums’ health. No professional cleaning may lead to gum diseases (inflammation of the gum and bone), halitosis (bad breath), cavities (decays), etc. Professional teeth cleaning is a therapy that removes painlessly the harmful bacteria and prevents their side effects of the oral cavity.

The polishing procedure represents cleaning with fine powder particles which removes persistent stains on the teeth, giving a healthier and shinier smile. This polishing system eliminates all discolorations using a jet that combines compressed air, water and powder particles. It’s a very pleasant and painless dental procedure. Our patients enjoy it, feeling their teeth healthy and their breath fresh immediately after the polishing therapy.

Routine dental hygiene and check-ups should be done every 6th month to maintain good oral health.

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