Preventive visits for plaque and tartar cleaning are recommended for patients. During these visits, the dentist has the opportunity to diagnose the early stages of cavities and other dental diseases. This contributes to a non-invasive and minimally invasive approach to treatment, which is extremely gentle on the hard dental tissues and the patient experiences no discomfort or anxiety during the procedure.

The teeth cleaning procedure includes the removal of dental plaque and tartar. It is done with a special ultrasound technology through vibrations with different frequencies. This dental procedure is very important for the teeth and gums’ health. No professional cleaning may lead to gum diseases (inflammation of the gum and bone), halitosis (bad breath), cavities (decays), etc. Professional teeth cleaning is a therapy that removes painlessly the harmful bacteria and prevents their side effects of the oral cavity.

Our dental studio offers oral hygiene procedures:

  • teeth cleaning procedures
  • polishing (Airflow)

The polishing procedure represents cleaning with fine powder particles which removes persistent stains on the teeth, giving a healthier and shinier smile. This polishing system eliminates all discolorations using a jet that combines compressed air, water and powder particles. It’s a very pleasant and painless dental procedure. Our patients enjoy it, feeling their teeth healthy and their breath fresh immediately after the polishing therapy.

How often is it recommended to have professional cleaning?

The Noradent team recommends preventive visits every 6 months. This interval is suitable for early diagnosis and preventive procedures such as professional oral hygiene.

What is ultrasonic cleaning of tartar?

Cleaning of plaque and tartar is performed with a special ultrasonic device. Through the sound frequency vibrations, dental plaque and tartar are “broken down” and removed from the tooth surfaces.

Local anaesthesia (numbing) is applied to patients with a lower pain threshold. Most patients do not experience pain or discomfort during this dental procedure.

There are two types of dental calculus:

  • Supragingival (above the gum line)
  • Subgingival (below the gum line)

Dental calculus is a mineralized plaque, which is a highly organized and structured material of bacterial deposits in an organic matrix. These micro-organic deposits accumulate and adhere to surfaces, which can damage them. Dental calculus is a calcified mass induced by plaque.

Therefore, prolonged contact with microorganisms in dental calculus and plaque can lead to the development of carious lesions and inflammation of the gums (gingivitis). The inflamed gums over time can cause inflammation of the bone and the periodontal apparatus. Then periodontitis develops, which in its final stage can lead to tooth loss.

What are the advantages of regular preventive cleaning?

Regular professional cleaning of plaque and dental calculus leads to a reduction in the risk of developing cavities, and the complications associated with them (pulpitis, periodontitis), and maintains the health of the periodontal apparatus (gum, bone).

Specialists from Noradent explain in detail the reasons and consequences of irregular cleanings. Our team educates and demonstrates to patients all the correct brushing techniques because maintaining a high level of personal oral hygiene reduces the risk of plaque buildup.

In addition to ultrasonic devices, some patients require the use of mechanical instruments for cleaning. After a revision of the entire dentition, polishing is performed.

Polishing of the teeth can be done:

  • With a brush and paste
  • With an Airflow system

The use of brush and paste is a classic procedure in which the entire dentition is polished.

Airflow is a special system for polishing teeth, removing deposits and discolouration, and cleaning interdental spaces. It uses a combination of air, water, and baking soda in an optimal ratio. The soda particles are in the form of microspheres to avoid damaging the enamel.

At Noradent, we motivate patients to maintain effective personal oral hygiene by devoting time to demonstrations on phantom models regarding:

  • proper teeth brushing
  • use of dental floss
  • cleaning with interdental brushes

Our patients appreciate this and diligently try to follow it at home.

In the dental studio Noradent, we recommend regular preventive visits to minimize the spread and development of oral diseases.

Routine dental hygiene and check-ups should be done every 6th month to maintain good oral health.


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