Teeth whitening

There are two kinds of bleaching – home bleaching and in-office bleaching.

  • Home bleaching:

We take impressions from the upper and lower jaw and make trays (similar to clear aligners or retainers) where the patient should place the bleaching product. Most patients need to wear the trays from thirty minutes to four hours. It depends on the bleaching agent. It lasts about 10 to 14 days. During this period it is essential to follow the instructions of the dentist.

  • In-office bleaching:

First, we isolate the gums and the lips and then we applicate the bleaching agent mixed with a booster. There are some sessions of replicating the agent.

Both the home and in-office bleaching are supposed to be accompanied by a photo shooting before and after the procedure.

Before and After Teeth Cleaning Procedure


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