Endodontics and Restorative dentistry
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My name is Nora Damyanova. I've graduated 'Dental Medicine' from Medical University - Sofia. During the last year of my study, I participated in an internship programme in Bordeaux, France at Victor Segalen II university.

I have specialized in ‘Operative Dentistry’ and ‘Endodontics’. I have worked as internships Assistant Professor in ‘Operative Dentistry’ and ‘Endodontics’ with 6th-year degree students at the Medical University of Sofia.

My practice is primarily focused on endodontic and restorative treatment. For the most accurate diagnostics and the best endodontic treatment (when treating root canals), I utilise state of the art endodontic equipment including magnification (I work with ZEISS OPMI pico microscope).

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